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Support on understanding traffic and behaviors for users on legacy browsers (somewhat timely)
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There are three requests to demote the following legacy browsers to "basic support" (no JavaScript) in the next release of MediaWiki, which is coming up in a week. I've been looking at reports in Turnilo and my current recommendation is that we should not make any changes that impact user experience at this time due to increased traffic starting at the end of Feb (perhaps due to world news).

I could use some help to validate this, because I have been getting questions around confirming the following:

  • The spike in traffic we're seeing at the end of Feb is not part of a known traffic pattern (maybe views go up at the end of the month?)
  • The reports below represent human beings, as user agent is "user"
  • Outliers from the reports below at the end of Feb (such as the spike in traffic from India from IE 9/10, and Firefox 27-38) are not limited to just those browsers (i.e. traffic is up across the board and there isn't an anomaly in the legacy browsers related to something else)

If you are able to provide any additional information around user behaviors such as reading/editing, that would also be very helpful (I wasn't able to get this from Turnilo). Thank you!

BrowserRelated TaskTurnilo
IE9 & IE10T293298Report
Android browsers < v5T290815Report
Firefox 27-38T297313Report

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Curious if this dashboard is known and/or helps:

But Product Analytics would likely know better dashboards to point to

mpopov subscribed.

Not sure how it bypassed triage column and appeared straight in the backlog subscribed.

Consultation Hours with @STHart :

  • Provided context on anomalous IE traffic from certain countries and why we exclude them.
  • Did a walkthru on Superset and IE trends of the last 5 years
  • Agent types

Next Steps: @STHart will work on creating charts in Superset and I can review as needed.
Moving this task to Tracking, and assigning to @STHart

Thanks all, I followed up with Maya, and as well with the Web and Growth teams on the browsers I mentioned above, so we can consider this resolved. IE9, IE10, Firefox 27-38, and Android 4 will move to "unknown" support" on MediaWiki.

I am doing a separate dive on IE11 and also discussed that with last week. I will create a separate task for that one since there are some different questions.

Also a quick note for the thread, and the future since I might be back! Please do not use my real name in comments and I ask that you please replace mentions with my Phab username. This is for a privacy reason. Thank you!