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[[Piped links|]] to the main namespace produce unformatted text instead of functioning links
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Author: qleah

The result is as if <nowiki>[[piped link|]]</nowiki> had been used.

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rowan.collins wrote:

I'm marking this invalid, because I don't see what the expected behaviour would
be - the only time putting nothing after the pipe makes sense is in the "pipe
trick", which turns [[Foo:Bar|]] into [[Foo:Bar|Bar]]; but there's never any
need to type [[Foo|Foo]], so why have a "shortcut" to turn [[Foo|]] into [[Foo]]?

In other words, I contend that [[Foo|]] is simply invalid markup, and is
correctly treated as such.

gangleri wrote:

[[:Main_Page]] renders to [[Main_Page]] why should [[Main_Page|]] not render
also as [[Main_Page]].

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