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"Context per line" preference doesn't seem to do anything useful
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In the search preferences i can put a number in "Context per line". I tried changing it and no matter what i put there, nothing seems to change on the results page.

It it supposed to do anything at all? If it doesn't do anything on Wikipedia, then why is the preference still there?

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Need to check if it is used in the default search engine or some of the search extensions like sphinx.

If I'm reading this correctly, the contextchars option basically got disabled in r34210 (and contextlines earlier), when Robert was rewriting a lot of the highlighting code in 2008.

It seems to have been hardcoded at 2 lines and 75 chars, replacing the user preferences... probably we should just drop the prefs, if they've been broken for a couple years and nobody noticed!

(contextchars is also used in the ReplaceText extension, but could be dropped from there.)

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probably we should just drop the prefs


Now, where is Chad...