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Discuss use of https in main_entity url on Wikimedia Enterprise main page
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While browsing the Wikimedia Enterprise site today I notices this mention of Wikidata.

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The URL here could be confusing:

  • If this is meant to be the URI of the entity, then it should be http not https. As the Wikidata URI / identifiers are http at this point. These URIs are exposed in other places such as Wikidata RDF output.
  • If it is meant to be a link to the page for users, perhaps avoiding /entity/ would make sense to avoid confusion with the URIs

Another question would be, does this already exist in API output?

I contacted Liam who suggested opening a phab task so that we can discuss etc.

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Hey @Addshore - Thanks for flagging - we actually use https for our output, could you elaborate on the main differences actually, we could change this.

As for /entity/, the goal here is to reference the cool functionality that you all built routing users to either json or the visual entity on wiki - depending on how they are calling the data from a url bar or programmatically. Is this correct?

We include links to QID URIs in our API output today + the qid like above

Wikidata also uses HTTPS at the network level everywhere, but the entity URIs as identifiers still use HTTP. (Changing this was discussed and declined years ago, see T153563.) If you’re using the /entity/ URIs as identifiers, then they should match exactly, including the http:// protocol. If you’re not using them as identifiers, then IMHO there’s not really a reason to use the /entity/ path at all.

This makes sense. Thanks for sharing that ticket, it makes sense to me. We'll change them all to http:// , we are intending to use them as identifiers. Thanks @Addshore for catching this, this wasn't on my radar.

Sparking a new ticket ( on our board about this.

Addshore claimed this task.

I saw it totally by chance while linking someone to the enterprise site.

If there is anything else vaguely wikidata related that might be worth us casting a quick eye over @RBrounley_WMF do let us know!

Resolving as the change that will be made is now tracked in T303777: Change QID identifiers from HTTPS to HTTP