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Spaces request for Wikimedia IT Private
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Hi Phabricator administrators!

  • Desired name of the Space: WMIT-Private
  • Description: Private space available to Wikimedia Italia for: WMIT-Infrastructure, fundraising topics, CRM development, internal issues, etc.
  • Why: Wikimedia IT would like to explore the possibility to migrate some private GitLab issues to a private Phabricator Space. The people who should be able to create and see private Tasks are the one who are actively working on the new CRM related to fundraising and other things.
  • The group lead responsible for adding and removing people with access: @CVimercati-WMIT (Executive Director of Wikimedia IT)
  • A list of Phabricator usernames should be able to access objects in that project:

Thank you so much!

Event Timeline

Aklapper claimed this task.
Aklapper moved this task from To Triage to Administration (UI) on the Phabricator board.

Private Space S23 (called "WMIT-Private") has been created.

Notes for anyone to use this Space to create non-public tasks in that Space:

  • To create non-public tasks in this Space, use this task creation form: You must set Visible To: Space S23: WMIT-Private to create private tasks only accessible to members of S23 and nobody else, before pressing the Create New Task button.
  • Please do see Displaying and using a Space for more information.
    • A Space is not a project, so a Space itself does not have a workboard. Please also add at least one project tag to a task in a Space.
  • @CVimercati-WMIT can add/remove users (who can create and access tasks in S23) via editing the members of #acl*WMIT-Private_policy_admins. Also note that Phabricator admins could also add themselves (this is a fallback for when a team lead has left; we had that situation); if you watched the #acl*WMIT-Private_policy_admins project you would get a notification about such an action.