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Adapt new ToC to help people understand and navigate pages that contain discussions
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This task involves the work with adapting the evolved version of the table of contents that the Web Team is working on (T249579) to help:

  • Junior Contributors recognize talk pages as places to communicate with other volunteers by reinforcing the notion that talk pages contain discussions
  • Senior Contributors discover discussion to join, navigate to a discussion they participated in previously, and/or get a general sense for the issues people are discussing related to "this" topic [i]


  • As a Junior Contributor who is new to viewing and using talk pages on the desktop site, I want to be able to intuitively recognize these pages as containing discussions between volunteers, so that I consider using them to meet my own volunteering needs (e.g. asking for input about a potential change, seeking help from another volunteer about the steps required to make a change I have in mind, etc.)
  • As a Senior Contributor who is viewing a talk page with many discussions, I want to be able to quickly see the range of topics being discussed on a given page and the level of activity within each, so that I can decide where to participate/focus my attention


User Experience

  1. Each ==H2== present on a page where the discussion-page-specific version of the new ToC is enabled should be presented within said ToC accompanied by the number of distinct comments that have been published within the ==H2==
  2. The information named in "1)" needs to:
    • Match the information presented within the Topic Container that will be shown for each corresponding ==H2== shown in the ToC


  • The information named in "1)" needs to be updated as soon as new comments and/or topics are published to the page, regardless of the editing interface used to make said changes (e.g. full-page editing, the Reply Tool, or the New Topic Tool)


The design shown below will be finalized in T299814.

Put it all Together-desktop@2x.png (2×3 px, 492 KB)

Open questions

  • 1. How should sections/discussions that do NOT contain comments appear within the "new" ToC?
  • 2. How should sections/discussions that contain sub-sections appear within the "new" ToC?
  • 3. How – if at all – will we adapt how metadata is presented within the ToC considering the decision we made in T306364#7874614 to include H3s and H4s within it?

i. This language was inspired by the comment @Sdkb shared in T299246#7709966.

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Note: I've updated the task description with ===Requirements which we're using to guide the technical investigation happening in T305576.

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