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New constraint type to ensure that Items have a Description in a specific language
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Constraints System

User story:
As an editor, I want to define that all Items using a certain Property should have a Description in a specific language. This helps to ensure that all the mandatory Descriptions are added.

We currently do have a constraint that helps ensure certain items always have a label in a specific language (see T195178), but we dont have that for descriptions.


  • RKDartists ID (P650) "Identifier for artists in the database of the Netherlands Institute of Art History". Items using this Property should have a Dutch description.

GIVEN a Constraint definition that requires a Description in language X for Property Y
WHEN an Item uses Property Y
AND does not have a Description in Language X
THEN a constraint violation is triggered for the statement using Property Y


  • We also want this constraint to work on Property pages. We probably want to ignore it on MediaInfo and on Lexemes.
  • If several languages are provided in the constraint then the constraint is satisfied if at least one of the languages has a label added.
  • We are using "Wikimedia Language Code (P424)" as the qualifier.
  • We are using a new item (“description in language constraint”) as the constraint type, not reusing the complex constraint label language item.

Acceptance criteria:

  • constraint violations are triggered when an Item uses a Property with a Description language constraint but does not have a label in the specified language (see BDD including notes)
  • the new constraint type is documented at Help:Property constraints portal (new subpage)