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Language files have inconsistent mark-up
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Author: zigger

Most language files have inconsistent mark-up in most branches, having a mixture
of wiki mark-up and various HTML mark-up:

<strong>text</strong>, <b>text</b>, '''text''',
<em>text</em>, <i>text</i>, ''text''

Assuming that all messages are parsed, the final form is the preferred one.
Otherwise, the language files' comments or message names should indicate the
parsing exceptions.

(Split out from bug 1023 )

Version: unspecified
Severity: trivial



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ayg wrote:

Partial patch (af, en, et, eu, fur, fy, ga, ia, la, ms, oc, sc, su)

<strong> and <em> should be preferred over ''' and '' in the language files,
where they're semantically correct. They make the interface more accessible.
''' and '' may as well be preferred over <b> and <i>.

The patch improves the situation, replacing <b> and <i> with <strong>/<em> or
'''/'' as appropriate, and also switching some ''' and '' to <strong> and <em>
where appropriate. There are still a number of languages that use <b> and <i>.


jimmy.collins wrote:

I get some errors when I try to use this patch. Can you please check it?

No patch. If this really needs fixing, start with correcting English messages first.