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Evaluate API Platform Tasks Related to RestBase Sunset
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Goal: Understand potential impacts, ramifications, and/or changes needed related to the RestBase deprecation.

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@DAbad: Hi, please connect relevant tasks so they are linked to each other - thanks.

Summary: there seem to be both straightforward and involved tasks that the API Platform could reasonably help with.

Disclaimer: I'm pretty unfamiliar with a lot of this, so it is very possible that my assessments are incorrect.


Here are RESTBase tasks that seem applicable to the API Platform, based on my reading of T262315: <CORE TECHNOLOGY> API Migration & RESTbase Sunset

T263780: Move feeds from behind RESTBase to the API Gateway
Involves Minor modifications to Feeds service, some API Gateway configuration, and RESTBase deprecation of existing Feeds endpoints.
The related tasks seem unnecessary for RESTBase sunset:

T263489: AQS 2.0
Wendy and Frankie are working on this, with myself and Nikki ramping up for mentor/review roles. Eric Evans continues to be heavily involved, but hopefully we can start taking load off him. There are a number of related tasks, which I won’t list here, but which can be taken on in sequence.

T264668: Move reading lists REST API from RESTBase to MW Core REST API
This may involve moving some code into Core REST API, but Gergo raises concerns. It is possible that this may be better implemented as a standalone service exposed via the API Gateway. There will be some subtleties, but at a glance the coding portion doesn’t sound terribly intimidating either way. It would, however, involve spending some time to really understand the needs.

T264669: Move VE API from RESTBase into core.
There is a clear path for this work, but because VE is so fundamental to our feature set, the consequences of errors, either in terms of functionality or performance, are greatly amplified. There are a large number of related tasks. This looks to me like a significant amount of detailed work that is unrealistic for API Platform to take on alone.

T264670: Move PCS endpoints behind API Gateway
This may involve changes to both the API Gateway (presumably just config) and changes to the PCS service itself (adding storage). Doesn’t sounds horribly intimidating, but I don’t know much about PCS.

T264671: Deprecate and remove MCS endpoints from RESTBase
These endpoints are still used in production, but are scheduled for replacement by a different approach. However, the time frame is uncertain. The simplest path (as noted in the ticket) is to mark the existing RESTBase as deprecated, to discourage any additional production usage, and wait for other teams to perform the work necessary for them to be removed. If that remains the plan, our part should be straightforward. If this ends up being the last thing on RESTBase, we could probably move the endpoints to the API Gateway. But maybe there will end up being no need.

T252389: Prepare Math extension for MathJax
This seems to be work to be performed by others. I could be wrong.


We continue with the AQS 2.0 work represented by T263489: AQS 2.0, with Wendy and Frankie taking the lead on actual coding work. There is quite a bit to do, but it seems well understood, is in progress, and is important for the overall plan.

As resources and priorities allow, we also take on some of the simpler needs. Good starting points seem to be:

The first of those - the MCS endpoint task - seems like a good "first RESTBase task" for us to take on, if the actionable work at this time is really just deprecating the endpoints. That'd give us some familiarity with the codebase and give us a chance to set up our workflows for additional RESTBase work.

Work mostly complete. team to review for any additional needs.

Will be leaving these as is and off the API platform roadmap:

The related tasks seem unnecessary for RESTBase sunset:

T266457: [WikiFeeds] Migrate from RESTbase to API Gateway Basically just a copy of T263780
T267223: Move /random endpoint from WikiFeeds into MediaWiki Nice to have, but seems unnecessary for RESTBase sunset.
T267229: Create standard template for Featured Feeds to enable easier language support Speculative and ambitious. Unnecessary

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