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create function-viewer-aliases component
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  • list the aliases in the user's current language in plaintext, without bullets (see FunctionDefinition.vue for example of how to get current aliases)
  • create a button to show languages in other languages
  • this component should not render if there are no aliases

Screen Shot 2022-03-15 at 2.28.00 PM.png (267×244 px, 11 KB)

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JKieserman changed the task status from Open to In Progress.Mar 22 2022, 1:31 PM
JKieserman claimed this task.

Change 772922 had a related patch set uploaded (by Jkieserman; author: Jkieserman):

[mediawiki/extensions/WikiLambda@master] add the function alias sidebar to the function viewer about tab

Change 772922 merged by jenkins-bot:

[mediawiki/extensions/WikiLambda@master] add the function alias sidebar to the function viewer about tab

@JKieserman I'm not sure how to review this? I see a link to the Figma file but nothing else. Let me know how to proceed, thanks!

@JKieserman @AdesojiThisDot: this seems like a good task to experiment with the appropriate format for Design Review. Some tips:

  • use notwikilambda links, always as direct as possible
  • find (or create) as many examples as you need to capture all possible states of the task (in this case, the presence and the absence of the component)
  • give clear instructions of the steps to follow and what to look for
  • explain the expected observations clearly: E.g. "Should contain text <text> with link to <page>"

@aishwaryavardhana: this is a new process, so lets see if it works. Could you try the instructions below and let us know how you feel? Are they useful? Are they clear? Is there anything else that you would appreciate in their description?

Thanks everyone!!

<Design Review instructions start here>

Non-empty alias list:

  1. Navigate to:
  2. Look for section "Also known as"
    1. It should exist
    2. It should contain an element called "Equals"
    3. It should show a button for showing more languages
    4. On click, it should show one more element in Canadian English, called "Equals"

Empty alias list:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Look for section "Also known as"
    1. It should not exist