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Non-existent wikis in globaluserinfo API
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The API is inconsistent regarding the existence of deleted wikis. Krinkle (T29994) and Reedy (T30384) suggest the wikis were not removed from all dblists.

For example, the Bashkir Wiktionary is listed by globaluserinfo[1], but does not exist according to sitematrix[2]. This causes problems for scripts that cross-reference the dbname to the details gathered from the site matrix.

I encountered this problem with the following dbnames:

  • bawiktionary
  • liquidthreads_labswikimedia
  • tokiponawiki
  • tokiponawikibooks
  • tokiponawikiquote
  • tokiponawiktionary

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Severity: major



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pdhanda wrote:

Looking at this now. I think it is an issue with outdated entries in the CentralAuth database.

I've removed the relevant entries from the localnames and localuser tables. I documented the procedure at

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