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Future proof the live edit preview feature
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The live edit preview maintains what is meant to be a copy of the UI in Vector based on what it looked like prior to Desktop Improvements (Vector 2022) however does so without any API.

This has led to the following regressions:

The feature appears to have no maintainers.

This feature is difficult to QA, and the web team has no interest in sanity checking every HTML/class change it makes against all Wikimedia projects.

What should have happened instead?:

  • This feature should have a maintainer or be disabled (at least on modern Vector).
  • If retained, this feature should at minimum have some kind of test or throw a JavaScript error when in a broken state that alerts us to breakage
  • Ideally this feature should be rewritten by its maintainer to use the API that comes out of T303859: Provide a JS entrypoint to create custom portlets.

Event Timeline

Boldly adding Realtime Preview (which might be related or not) and Community-Tech per their investigation in T284796 to make sure things are aligned. Feel free to remove again if I misinterpret.

@Aklapper Live preview is a different type of preview, this is unrelated to our Realtime-Preview, so I will untag us again.