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Identify wikis for Topic Subscriptions A/B test
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This task is about identifying the Wikipedias that will participate in the A/B test of Topic Subscriptions.

There are two parts to this task:

  1. Identifying potential wikis for inclusion in the Topic Subscriptions A/B test
  2. Confirming with these wikis that they are comfortable participating in the Topic Subscriptions A/B test

Selection Criteria

The "Candidate wikis" ought to, collectively, meet the following requirements:

  1. There is a large enough number of people editing talk pages each month for the A/B test to reach "significance" in a relatively short amount of time
  2. Wikis whose editors are likely to come from a variety of different locations
  3. Wikis whose editors use a variety of languages and scripts to communicate
  4. Wikis whose monthly talk page editors are comprised of significant numbers of Junior and Senior Contributors

Candidate wikis

IDWikiCodeLink to-on-wiki conversationStatus (e.g. participation confirmed, no objectives)
1.Amharic Wikipediaamwikimessage
2.Egyptian Wikipediaarzwikimessage
3.Bengali Wikipediabnwikimessage
4.Spanish Wikipediaeswikimessage, another
5.Persian Wikipediafawikimessage
6.French Wikipediafrwikimessage another
7.Hebrew Wikipediahewikimessage
8.Hindi Wikipediahiwikimessage
9.Indonesia Wikipediaidwikimessage
10.Italian Wikipediaitwikimessage
11.Japanesejawikione, twono objections
12.Korean Wikipediakowikimessage
13.Dutch Wikipedianlwikimessage
14.Oromo Wikipediaomwikimessage
15.Polish Wikipediaplwikimessage
16.Portuguese Wikipediaptwikimessage
17.Thai Wikipediathwikimessage
18.Ukrainian Wikipediaukwikimessage
19.Vietnamese Wikipediaviwikimessage
20.Chinese Wikipediazhwikimessage


  • @MNeilser verifies the ===Candidate wikis will produce a sufficient amount and diversity of usage data for us to draw conclusions from
  • @Whatamidoing-WMF consults with the ===Candidate wikis and documents the wikis that are and are not open to participating in the A/B test
  • @ppelberg updates CONFIG CHANGE TICKET with the list of wikis confirmed to participate in the A/B test

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@Whatamidoing-WMF: would it be accurate for us to think the 20 wiki listed in the task description do NOT see any issues needing to be resolved before the A/B test of Topic Subscriptions on desktop can begin that their project?

I'm assigning this ticket over to @Whatamidoing-WMF to populate the task description with links to each local conversation.

Note: we have no reason to think any wikis have objections to participating in the A/B test.

Whatamidoing-WMF updated the task description. (Show Details)

That's right: There were no objections, either before the test started or after it began.

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