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Fix use of successbox in CodeReview
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Jdlrobson added a project: patch-welcome.

This is only used on and only impacts and (with certain parameters)

These got no page views in the last year (|Special:RepoAdmin) so I am not considering fixing this a blocker given its unmaintained status.

It doesn't say there were no views. It says "Error querying Pageviews API - Not found".

Although it should be noted that even for special pages where this particular tool doesn't encounter an error, most user actions and special pages are not considered pageviews, except for a selected few (e.g. "Special:Search", as defined in analytics/refinery: PageviewDefinition).

For example, according to this, there were also no visits to Special:Contributions on in the past two months:

As you might remember, Special:Code is where SVN-era diffs and code review is served from. Given these have been online for nearly fifteen years since 2008, it would be very unlikely that they receive no visit for an entire day, let alone a year. These pages are commonly linked from documentation pages, tasks, commit messages, and even citations on Wikipedia (example: Special:Code/MediaWiki/r113071).

This is not a statement of importance; I'm just stating the facts is all.

Thanks for the note about the page views tool. That wasn't intuitive.

In the grand scheme of things the styling of a success box on Special:RepoAdmin and Special:Code still doesn't seem like a hard blocker, although obviously it would be great to fix, but given it has no maintainer I'm struggling to find someone to make the hopefully simple change.