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Additional link to Multilingual Wikisource appears on main page of most wikis
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An additional Link to "Multilingual Wikisource" appears in the left menu below "In other projects" on the main page of most wikis. I think this is a configuration error or is it part of a wikisource promotion tour?

Screenshot from meta (left) and commons (right).

Screenshot_20220321 Meta and Commons.png (231×331 px, 10 KB)

Screenshot from

Screenshot_20220321 Wiktionary.png (459×566 px, 46 KB)

List of steps to reproduce:
Use a desktop browser. Goto:

What happens?
Look at the menu to the left of the page. A list of links is displayed:

In other projects
Multilingual Wikisource

What should have happened instead?
In my opinion the link to "Multilingual Wikisource" should not be there.

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@Formatierer: Thanks for reporting this. Please use the bug report form (linked from the top of the task creation page) to create a bug report, and fill in the sections in the template: List of steps to reproduce, What happens?, What should have happened instead?.

This is not a duplicate of T303113. It is the opposite. In short this report means: Do not add a link to "Multilingual Wikisource" on every wiki.