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in IE9 p-personal links are shown vertically in RTL wikis with Vector
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Logged in users see the personal links at the top - My talk, My preferences, My watchlist (id="p-personal") - vertically rather than horizontally. Some links are also non-clickable, because they appear behind the search box.

I tested this with a new account on he.wikipedia, ar.wikipedia, fa.wikipedia and mzn.wikipedia, and it happened everywhere, so it's probably not caused by a local customization.

This happens only in Vector; Monobook is OK. And this happens only in Internet Explorer 9; IE8, Firefox, Opera and Chrome are OK.

Version: unspecified
Severity: major
OS: Windows Vista



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a screenshot showing wrong rendering of p-personal links in IE9

Attached a screenshot from .


Ie9-whbwiki.png (291×912 px, 104 KB)

Strangely if you remove dir="rtl" from the <html> tag or change it to "ltr" it fixes this problem, and the rest of the page still looks the same (right to left). Might be a bug with IE9's rtl handling.

Also, changing...
#p-personal { padding-left: 10em; }
#p-personal { margin-left: 10em; }
seems to fix the problem with no adverse effects.

although the fix in Comment 3 breaks it in IE6 :(

(In reply to comment #4)

although the fix in Comment 3 breaks it in IE6 :(

We can use a CSS hack to hide it from IE6

#p-personal {

margin-left: 10em;


  • html #p-personal { margin-left: 0; padding-left: 10em;


This hack in particular exploits IE 6 and below considering the window to be a parent of HTML, whereas everyone else knows that's just silly and ignores the rule.

Looks like moving the padding from #p-personal to the ul inside #p-personal fixes it (without any hacks even!). Fixed in r86450.