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Rename zh-classical -> lzh (invalid lang tag format)
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See discussion on T10217

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Perhaps this is still Community-consensus-needed, because I have looked a large number of users, they're still using "zh-classical (on zhwiki)" instead of "lzh (on zhwiki)" on their userboxes. By the way, on Incubator, the Wp/lzh is redirected to Wp/zh-classical (@Byfserag: ?!), which is also misleading (at least) me: users are still claiming that "zh-classical" is a valid code.

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Stalled since renaming (T21986) is blocked on T145535 (e.g. T112426.).

Can we add an alias rather than rename?

Can we add an alias rather than rename?

Hmm, I still think that renaming URL is a better way, as this Wikipedia doesn't have high traffic streams and actually, no actual opposition.

Desktop: → or →

Mobile: → or →

Desktop: → or →

Mobile: → or →

If you're asking Interwiki prefixes, that's already done (T23915 try it here); for DNS/CNAME redirecting, file a subtask and ping 1~3 random SRE members; local Interwiki links can be changed by a bot, anything else?

Any update on this? It should not be too difficult to be consistent with the ISO code, in either way we could have a CNAME from to, and avoid any potential problem.
BTW, the consensus is to use ISO code already, I see no reason to debate it on a case by case basis, this is not an extraordinary situation. A CNAME record would solve any potential problem.

T167513 is deployed, so any url changes needed on other sites for the sub-domain shfit to happen can be done.

T10217 describez other zh langs that need to renamed to conform to official IANA lang tags.

But this one has a particularly bad problem: it violates the format of lang tags. So this results in errors when parsing the WD rdf dump latest-all.nt.gz:
Error while parsing N-Triples: error while parsing language tag 'zh-classical': A subtag may be eight characters in length at maximum on line 57413752 at position 108

@Smalyshev please add some tags for Wikidata and the Query service (I'll try to do it, but not sure I have the rights)

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Bart Hanssens tried to validate the WD dump with rdf4j:
'孟慶雲' was not recognised as a language literal, and could not be verified, with language zh-classical