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Integration of the new Yearly Targets (Verksamhetsmål)
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Once the Verksamhetsplan 2022 has been finalized (T304213: Finalize Verksamhetsplan 2022) the new goals need to be integrated with the various tools in use. Below is a (likely incomplete) list where each should likely be spun of as it's own task.

  1. Create a page Verksamhetsplan 2022/Tabell över program, strategi och mål with a corresponding English translation (Needed for project-start bot)
  2. Update Mall:Måltexter. Since the goals themselves have changed all texts need to be updated
    • Current usages of the template need to be moved to Mall:Måltexter2016 (and redirects updated)
    • Subpages of the template may need to be moved as well
  3. Create a new tab in Uppföljning verksamhetsmål
  4. Create a new page at Verksamhetsplan 2022/Måluppfyllnad/Programöversikt
  5. Check if project-start bot needs to be updated to deal with some of these changes

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Jopparn renamed this task from Integrate Verksamhetsplan 2022 to Integration of the new Yearly Targets (Verksamhetsmål).Aug 27 2022, 10:28 PM