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Update Mall:Måltexter
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Mall:Måltexter is used to list the strategic goals each project contributes toward on that projects Project Data subpage.

With a new strategy, and therefore new strategic goals, this template will have to be updated. Since the previous implementation relied on the strategies themselves not changing (wording and target numbers could change but there was a set list of goals).

  1. Move all of the current template (and subpages, redirects etc) to Mall:Måltexter2016 and update all usages to point to this. Thereafter recreate the template with the new strategic goals and the necessary subpages.
  2. Re-implement the template as a module so that it is less vulnerable to these sort of changes.

Current implementation.

  • The template call is along the lines of {{Måltexter|2019|T.1.1=5|T.1.2=3}}.
  • Mall:Måltexter/text/2019 contains a wikitext {{#switch: statement with a row sucha as |T.1.1 = T.1.1 - Berika projekten med {{{val}}}/25 nya resurser. for each goal.
  • Mall:Måltexter has a wikitext {{#if: check for each goal (a predefined list) then returning the value of e.g. {{Mall:Måltexter/text/2019|T.1.1|{{{T.1.1}}}}} for each.

Event Timeline

Actually I just realised there might be a simpler, but less elegant solution:

Add any new goal abbreviations to the Måltexter template, leaving any old goal abbreviations no longer in use.