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Add GreynirT2T for Icelandic
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Name: GreynirT2T
Translation Engine: Tensor2Tensor
Languages: English to Icelandic
Maintainer: Miðeind ehf. (Icelandic company)
Type: Neural Machine Translation
Licence: MIT (code), CC-BY-4.0 (corpus)
Requirements: ParIce (corpus) -

Problem: Current accuracy causes some is.wikipedia editors not to use ContentTranslation.

Benefit: GreynirT2T claims to be more accurate than our current best translator used by WMF, GoogleTranslate. GreynirT2T is correct 71% of the time, while GoogleTranslate is 63% and Apertium is 50%.

Event Timeline

Thanks for bringing this to our attention @Snaevar.
Flores, a new translation system supporting Icelandic, was added to Content Translation. Recently it has been enabled as the default for a month to get further feedback. It would be useful to have a sense on how the quality compares to the previous default (Google) as well as to other options you were sharing, from the perspective of a native speaker. So feel free to share any impressions. Thanks!