Build a spiffier sandbox
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Author: fennec

We should build a better sandbox that automagically cleans itself out. Perhaps
make it a Special: page.

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Severity: enhancement


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rowan.collins wrote:

I guess the only worry with such a thing would be that we want people to be able
to do any kind of editing, diffing, etc just like they would with an ordinary
page; it is, after all, for practicing how the software works. However, there
are some things we could [possibly] do:

  • a utility that automatically reverted the sandbox to a particlar state (i.e.

empty except for the standard header)

  • a "sticky" header, that can't be edited/removed, below which the "real"

content (which is editable just like any other page) appears (in which case we'd
only need to blank, not revert)

on fr: we use {{subst:sandbox}} to manually reset the sand box page :o)

the.r3m0t wrote:

We have a bot now. I'm marking as WONTFIX if I'm allowed to. Oh, it's filed for
"MediaWiki" and not for "Wikimedia web sites". OK.

avarab wrote:

Marking it as WONTFIX, adding some page auto-clear functionality would
overcomplicate things and isn't worth it for this small niche.

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