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[Wireframe review request] Community
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Please share your comments, questions, concerns, suggestions about the Community wireframe, either as a comment on this task or directly in Figma:

Community.png (1×2 px, 211 KB)

We are particularly interested in learning your questions/feedback about:

  • content of each page (what’s existent, what’s missing, what you don’t understand)
  • questions about behaviors of the different features
  • technical feedback
  • sub-pages you would be interested in us making wireframes on

We are not interested at this point in comments about the look and feel (unless these comments are from a technical/dev standpoint, especially if engineers feel a given feature is not possible).

Please check off your name here when done:

(Ambassadors tracking in Asana)

Event Timeline

  • General: For the "connect with other organizers" part, we'd be asking users about their location and then showing it to pretty much everyone. This is something that legal should be involved into, to make sure that we're allowed to do it and on what terms.
  • Eng: The "xxx km away" is hard-ish because we'd need some other application for geographical data. We're going to need something similar for the event address anyway, so perhaps this is a non-concern.
  • General: About "inspiring stories" and "discussions": like T304744#7810228, this feels like duplicating existing features. Once again, I'd suggest using a dedicated wikipage instead.

For the "Connect with other organizer" I was wondering if we have the users location/address available, since this seems to be PII and we would need this information to calculate the distance from one user to another.
Also I am not sure, but it could impact performance, because we would need to get the location of all the organizers, and calculate the distance of each one, to get the list of organizers near the user.

Hey there; this is exciting! Here are a few thoughts that come to mind:

  • Connect with other organizers in your area: I really like the idea of encouraging organizers to connect with other organizers (and showing them how they can). Two suggestions/comments:
    • Expand search filter options: I think it makes sense to connect based on a few criteria: location, topic area, and/or campaign type. This way, if an organizer wants to find other organizers in their area who organize edit-a-thons on sustainability OR if they want to find organizers in their area who organize photo contests (as two examples), they could drill down to that detail. The more organizers have in common (in terms of goals, partners, communities), the more they can probably help one another.
    • How would they connect? Would this be a message? An email? Perhaps something to be scoped out for later, but curious if you had any suggestions/thoughts.
  • Inspiring stories: I am wondering how this process would work. Who would moderate the stories? What would be the process of submission? Perhaps a way that we could simplify the process or add some automation is that, when organizers close out the campaign, they can be asked to optionally write a brief summary of how it went/what they learned and optionally select if they want to share their stats (such as how many participants, how many contributions, if they reached their goal, etc), which can be then be shared in the inspiring stories section. Perhaps organizers who have the most advanced level of access can have the rights to remove stories from the inspiring stories section. It could be cool to be apply the same search filters to inspiring stories too (i.e., inspiring stories for a region, topic area, and/or event type).
  • Communication Center: Curious to learn more about this -- any recommendations for how it should work/feel/be used? Would someone who connects to an organizer be redirected to the communication center?
  • Small typo note, but we should fix it to be "Resources" rather than "Ressources"

I hope I understood what we are talking about and that my concerns are not already implemented:

  • I think that from the account of an organizer we should have the following information: Country and or city, his email to contact him or the possibility to send him a notification? (the organizer should by creating a campaign for example, communicate this information)
  • To access the information, we should have 2 criteria: either we click on the name of an organizer and we have the information (country and or city, mail,... and the list of campaigns, events... organized; or we go through the search procedure through the fields: country and or city, campaigns, events...
  • Is it possible to obtain from the list of campaigns, events... of an organizer, the list of participants with their contributions? To the point of being able to contact the participants?

What's the latest idea of Inspiring stories?

Hi : Voila, Voila big progress i see : "ideas take shape"

**home page : **
exist: I could say that the content is borderline sufficient
missing :

  • Add info on current events / a clear band to indicate the status of organizer or participant
  • The possibility to ask for the activation of the banner of the event page
  • I think the process of creating an event with this tool needs to be reviewed
  • The example of wiki loves africa reflects some conditions:
  • Wiki loves africa is already an event managed by an African team:
  • So local organizer can't - create a wiki loves africa bis
  • local organizer can't create a wiki loves africa in a country without the validation of the African team
  • local organizer can't choose the date already chosen by the African team
  • local organizer can only send messages to the participant of my local wiki loves africa contest.
  • The african team inherits the whole list of local organizer sub-events.
  • This being the case: I can imagine a plus, the possibility to add collaborators to the creator of events (right given to organizers) who can by creating the event with the time line and the financial side
  • submit the grant request directly after the event creation by oragnizing team

dont understand : Why the creation of event is authorized to all, it is necessary to have the rights of organizer ?
I guess the page should be formatted according to the role of the connected, organizer or participant.

**my event :**

exist : this page is the most important
missing :
dont understand :

  • who gives the badge?
  • why event creation must start wth the name?
  • organizer / and participant are mixed up

**Resources :**
exist : it's good
missing : what is the type of resource :
a link / an application / a document / an image / a pdf / audio / map etc
Dont understand : if I am a participant I don't need the organizers resources -

**Communication center : **
exist : allows to send mass messages /
missing : you can request a banner here
there is no inbox ? or is it the organizer's discussion page that will be overwhelmed ?
no direct messaging? it is very useful for the participant to have a person who answers questions

dont understand : who can manage the communication center.

**Community : **

A very interesting page if we link the organizers of the same category
for example: the local organizers of wiki loves africa. it really takes value looking at the opportunity of the African team wanting to coordinate between the different local organizers.

because it's not just social to say hello. I see this as a very strong means of coordinating, different teams wanted to get in touch with the teams of the same big event

Very important: a pre-established list of events takes on value when a great team like wikilove africa receives requests for the organization of wiki loves africa events in their countries.
technically it is even possible to organize several wiki loves africa in the same country under certain conditions

Feel free to reopen if needed!