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Spaces request for English Wikipedia Arbitration Committee
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Why is your existing arbcom wiki not suitable for this? Phabricator tasks are generally for technical activities

Why is your existing arbcom wiki not suitable for this? Phabricator tasks are generally for technical activities

arbcom wiki is not well-suited for dynamic task tracking; phabricator is a reasonable option for this given that the WMF will not give us access to their own workflow management tools.

To Build on what Primefac says, a lot of work currently goes into keeping track of the private business of ArbCom on ArbWiki to ensure nothing gets lost. Our goal is to find places to have technological assists on our work, allowing arbs to focus on the substance of the business rather than the secretarial work of it. Arbwiki will continue to be useful as a place for some kinds of discussion and work - such as the drafts of decisions for our cases.

Does a project already exist that would be used to track such tasks? Which one is it?
See also

I followed the instructions in the section following the one you've linked (#Requesting a project with limited access). I believe the answer to your question is "no", because ArbCom does not have a private/limited access Phabricator project, which is why we are asking for a private/limited access Phabricator project.

(apologies if this comes across as rude or something, I might be misunderstanding the question and am trying to answer as best I can based on the guidelines provided)

@Primefac: This task is a request for a Space. Limited access Phabricator projects do not exist. See the link I provided :)
Tasks should be assigned to projects, and only projects offer workboards.

I assume you don't only want a Space, but also a project.

The project can obviously be public. It's fine that people know enwiki Arbcom is using phabricator and even what we're using it for - I imagine we'll not keep it a secret onwiki and people filing appeals with us are bound to know in some way. So no problems there @Aklapper. We would want a space and for that space to be private. As I understand it there's also the ACL which would allow arbs to self control user management for the space.

Yes, apologies, I do realise that our private space would be in a public project; that was what I meant in my earlier reply, I just was mixing up the terminology.

Aklapper triaged this task as Medium priority.

Please read carefully these notes how to use this Space S24 to create non-public tasks in that Space S24:

Feel free to bring up any questions you might have about Phabricator or about best ways to manage projects in Phabricator.