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Create a design for having and interacting with multi-lingual documentation on ZObject pages
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Anyone should be able to create, edit, and read documentation in any language.

Design challenge

How do we embed the documentation text and show it in different languages?


Every object page will include documentation about the object, although this is not a requirement. The text editing and formatting will be whatever is available in media wiki.


  • Doesn't have to be the same UI as text with fallback.
  • Empty state? E.g. if there's no documentation in Thai but there is in Japanese. As designed in view function, the empty state is not a prompt to enter anything.

Not in scope

  • Templates. We'll take templates from media wiki

Possible features

  1. Display the different languages?
  2. Prompt to translate?
  3. A list that shows you all the languages in which the documentation exists. Useful for cleanup tasks.
  4. Toggling? Not sure. We will have a feature, somehow somewhere that will allow a toggle between the entire UI. Should we follow the logic of showing the aliases and function names in all languages?

Event Timeline

Work on the design requirements more

How are people using the documentation? Write out documentation user stories

Jdforrester-WMF renamed this task from Multilingual documentation to Create a design for having and interacting with multi-lingual documentation on ZObject pages.Aug 3 2022, 1:30 PM

Here is the figma file for function documentation.

  1. If the user's default language is available, show documentation in that language.

Screen Shot 2023-01-03 at 8.56.50 AM.png (744×2 px, 133 KB)

  1. If the default language documentation is not available, show any documentation available in a fallback language we know the user knows, and show the language chip.

Screen Shot 2023-01-03 at 8.58.38 AM.png (734×2 px, 139 KB)

  1. When user edits documentation, they will be editing in whichever language their UI is currently set to- just like Wikipedia.
  1. If the user wants to edit the documentation in a different language, they will need to switch their UI to that language.