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Field to enter the motivation for registering
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Nikola Smolenski wrote at

Perhaps it would be helpful if, when creating a new account, a user
could write a short message about what would they like to do on
Wikipedia (this would become their user page). It would give us an
idea on what part of guidelines to present to the new user, and also
very needed insight on why do people just create account and leave.

This is a great idea, probably simple to implement. Filing it here so it doesn't get lost.

Since users can edit Wikimedia sites without registering, it is expected that anybody actually registering has a purpose in mind and a willingness to join the community. Giving them a chance to explain their motivations will not only deflower their User page since the very beginning, but will probably encourage them to edit their user page further adding more details.

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A few notes:

  • It should be noted in the interface that this reason will be made public on their user page.

Short message describing what you would like to do on Wikipedia: [ ....... ] (optional) (will be made public on your user page).

  • The "registration succesful" page could perhaps include a link like " Edit my user page".
  • When creating an account the userpage would be created with msg "userpagefromaccountpurpose" containing something like "== What I would like to do on Wikipedia == \n $1". Which wikis could modify as they like. wrote:

Agreeing with both the above. wrote:

(Although make sure that anti-vandal tools such as abusefilter and RC feeds see the proposed post, otherwise it becomes a vector for unchecked posting.)

This has already been done for account creation by existing account, but it's not what meant here: replacing "purpose" with "motivation" because otherwise it looks like our standard summary/reason/justification fields.

This seems a bit like Translate extension's Special:FirstSteps:
Surely not a site request; I doubt it's suitable for core either, but for now I'm moving it to MediaWiki nevertheless.

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Most of core is unmaintained. That's no indication of priority.

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