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tf-bullseye-std is missing libssl-dev
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@Giftpflanze was there a particular binary you were trying to compile that led to this bug report? As written the title of this task is true, but does not give any description of why this particular library is needed in the image.

It is the Factor VM (~tools.giftbot-factor/factor/factor; When I try to run it with the image (or any other image as far as I remember) and use SSL, the following error message appears:

tools.giftbot-factor@tools-sgebastion-10:~$ cat tests.*
Cannot resolve C library function
Library: DLL""
Symbol: BIO_new_socket
DlError: none


Are you still working on custom images? If you are, I would just wait until I can use them.

With the clarifications from T304983#8319645 I am going to decline this ticket.

T194332: [Epic] Make Toolforge a proper platform as a service with push-to-deploy and build packs is one way that it may be possible in the future for a custom complied runtime like factor to be made available for tools running on Kubernetes. It may also currently be possible to find a Kubernetes container that has the parts needed to compile and run the factor runtime. The python images for example contain a number of 'lib*-dev' packages to support compiling various binary extensions.