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Importing the Email Greeting field from Civi to Acoustic
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Major Gifts has requested that the Email Greeting field be included in the Civi to Acoustic export. Major Gifts uses this field and updates the field for all donors included in Major Gift related correspondence and through Civimail to ensure our major donors are addressed properly and to ensure partners are included correctly in the salutation. Thea has requested I create a phab task to detail this request and cc Katie and Erin on the task.

From Thea - Export name should match the Acoustic name, which should match Erin's reporting. And possible role it out during maintenance week if there is time.

Background on the Email Greeting Field in Civi
Within Major Gifts a huge part of the donor data clean up is ensuring we're updating donor communication preferences for our donors who reach out to use about how they like to be addressed in our future emails/mailings and this includes the Email Greeting field. Using this field for MG&END email sends vs the Name field in Civi would for example, help resolve the issue for couples who donate under an one record but want their email greeting to address them both and ensure we're addressing the capitalization issue we often see from using the first name in our emails/mailing which we see a lot for Individual donors which requires lots of manual cleanup for our lists.

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This isn't a huge request but we will need to do this in coordination with @KHaggard

Thanks David and yes @KHaggard is looped in on the task and the request.

Thank you, and thanks to Thea! We do want to keep in coordination with data and import / export requests, but since this one involves obvious PII, we (Analytics) won't have an active role. We don't capture this information on our side. I'll keep an eye on the ticket for progress, and much appreciate the info and being looped in on the request.

Thanks Rosie, Thea, and Erin!
@EYener - do you have a preference for how we name the field? Considering this for all future field additions until we have time to get together and match naming conventions for the existing fields.

Thanks @KHaggard : I'd suggest email_greeting. In the UI, it is listed as Email Greeting and in the database it's listed as email_greeting_display so for the export, email_greeting seems like a human-readable term that wouldn't get confused between UI and backend.

Awesome. Thanks for your input, and I agree!

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Change 788807 had a related patch set uploaded (by AndyRussG; author: AndyRussG):

[wikimedia/fundraising/tools@master] Add e-mail greeting to silverpop

Hi @Eileenmcnaughton ! I think we should wait until the maintenance week (May 16 - 20)

Change 788807 merged by jenkins-bot:

[wikimedia/fundraising/tools@master] Add e-mail greeting to silverpop

Actually, due to T307811, @Eileenmcnaughton and I are going to work on adding email_greeting before Thursday's email send.

We ran the big file and here's the data job summary report:

File Name: DatabaseUpdate-20220509223634.csv

Job ID: 201132372
Job Description: Adding and updating contacts in existing contact source, _all_Wikimedia
Job Type: Recurring Contact Source Import @ Tuesday, May 10, 2022 at 12:11:15 AM GMT
Job Status: Complete
Total Rows: 25686031
Total Valid Rows: 25672425
Total Invalid Addresses: 1401
Total Duplicate Addresses: 9
Total Disallowed Addresses: 12162
Total Bad Data: 43

I can see the "Dear [name]"s populating in the column for some of the rows. I remember Rosie said that not all donors have an email greeting filled out. Noting that there's a lot of just "Dear" for people (as a heads up for @RLewis and team).

I'm just going to make sure everything runs normally tomorrow for the regular jobs and then I'll resolve the ticket here :) Thanks!

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Hi @Eileenmcnaughton - everything looks fine on my side after checking the import jobs today. Thanks for your help!

@RLewis and @NNichols - We now officially have email_greeting working in Acoustic. This data flows in from Civi, so whatever is designated in that Civi field by hand will carry over to Acoustic's database.

Marking this task resolved! Thanks

Thank you so much for the update and work on this @KHaggard and @Eileenmcnaughton