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Q4:(Need By: TBD) rack/setup/install pki2002
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This task will track the racking, setup, and OS installation of <enter the FQDN/hostname of the hosts being setup here>

Hostname / Racking / Installation Details

Hostnames: pki2002 B5/U11 ge-5/0/10
Racking Proposal: Any 1G rack, there are no restrictions where to place them
Networking Setup:* 1G in private VLAN, with AAAA records
Partitioning/Raid: raid1-2dev.cfg
OS Distro:** Bullseye

Per host setup checklist

Each host should have its own setup checklist copied and pasted into the list below.

  • - receive in system on procurement task T303411 & in coupa
  • - rack system with proposed racking plan (see above) & update netbox (include all system info plus location, state of planned)
  • - add mgmt dns (asset tag and hostname) and production dns entries in netbox, run cookbook sre.dns.netbox.
  • - network port setup via netbox, run homer from an active cumin host to commit
  • - bios/drac/serial setup/testing, see Lifecycle Steps & Automatic BIOS setup details
  • - firmware update (idrac, bios, network, raid controller)
  • - operations/puppet update - this should include updates to netboot.pp, and site.pp role(insetup) or cp systems use role(insetup::nofirm).
  • - OS installation & initital puppet run via sre.hosts.reimage cookbook.

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Change 788433 had a related patch set uploaded (by Papaul; author: Papaul):

[operations/puppet@production] Add nes pki and krb node to site.pp and netboot.cfg

Change 788433 merged by Papaul:

[operations/puppet@production] Add new pki and krb node to site.pp and netboot.cfg

Cookbook cookbooks.sre.hosts.reimage was started by pt1979@cumin2002 for host pki2002.codfw.wmnet with OS bullseye

Cookbook cookbooks.sre.hosts.reimage started by pt1979@cumin2002 for host pki2002.codfw.wmnet with OS bullseye completed:

  • pki2002 (PASS)
    • Removed from Puppet and PuppetDB if present
    • Deleted any existing Puppet certificate
    • Removed from Debmonitor if present
    • Forced PXE for next reboot
    • Host rebooted via IPMI
    • Host up (Debian installer)
    • Host up (new fresh bullseye OS)
    • Generated Puppet certificate
    • Signed new Puppet certificate
    • Run Puppet in NOOP mode to populate exported resources in PuppetDB
    • Found Nagios_host resource for this host in PuppetDB
    • Downtimed the new host on Icinga/Alertmanager
    • First Puppet run completed and logged in /var/log/spicerack/sre/hosts/reimage/202205022234_pt1979_1442448_pki2002.out
    • Checked BIOS boot parameters are back to normal
    • updated with the host new SSH public key for wmf-update-known-hosts-production
    • Rebooted
    • Automatic Puppet run was successful
    • Forced a re-check of all Icinga services for the host
    • Icinga status is optimal
    • Icinga downtime removed
    • Updated Netbox data from PuppetDB
    • Updated Netbox status planned -> staged
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@jbond this is complete