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Section editing links missing, and existing sections not found for editing.
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Some section editing links are not shown on the page, but section counts
continue for those not having links shown. You cannot edit the sections
without links on their own, not even with handwritten URLs. Thus:
does not work ("You tried to edit a section that does not exist...") but
editing a later section:
works fine. Also, the last section having its section editing link shown,
"eats" all the following sections without an editing link:

Version: 1.18.x
Severity: normal



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The problem described above could be avoided with these edits to the page:

That shows, it was caused by unescaped unmatched "{{"s in the page text,
which are treated differently in text parsing and when finding sections.

The URLs given above are now invalid, please use a copy of
to reproduce the problem.

nothing about the parser should be considered easy.

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