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UploadBase::checkMacBinary should be removed
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Author: neilk

In UploadBase::checkMacBinary, if a file is discovered to have MacBinary encoding, a new file is created from the data fork, and the upload is modified so its mTempPath now points to this new file.

This doesn't use the FileRepo abstractions for temporary file storage, and it should. Otherwise this will be a problem for some new network file storage implementations which aren't mounted on the filesystem.

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Severity: normal



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Bryan.TongMinh wrote:

This is a left over of Internet Explorer for Mac. As far as I know modern Mac browsers are not using MacBinaries. We could just kill it.

I would not object to removing it at this point. IE 5 for Mac was the only known user of this code, and it's so broken nothing works with it anymore hardly. ;)