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Enable image_auth.php to handle point-of-entry use cases
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MediaWiki provides "img_auth.php" for use in private wikis to protect uploaded files from being seen by unauthorized users. It does this well , however img_auth.php is not a valid point-of-entry for MediaWiki and as such, when users follow a link to a direct image (for example, from an email) img_auth.php blocks the request (as it should) but does not do anything to help remedy the situation (like a link to an article will route the user to a log-in screen and then, once logged-in, redirect them back to the page originally linked.

It would be ideal if Img_auth.php functioned as a valid point-of-entry, but if not, it would be nice if img_auth.php allowed sites to customize/internationalize the access denied response page (similar to the way apache allows admins to define custom 404 error pages that are tailored for the organization)

Thank you!

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Reedy renamed this task from Enable Image_Auth.php to handle point-of-entry use cases to Enable image_auth.php to handle point-of-entry use cases.Apr 8 2022, 3:46 PM
Reedy added a project: MediaWiki-General.

It seems that there could be a hook added to decide what to do.

Alternatively, add a config option that provides the option to redirect on permission error

Is there an example of the hook solution that I could review?