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Install CategoryTests (or CategoryFunctions) extension on sv.wiktionary
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Author: bounce1337


The Swedish Wiktionary would like to implement Extension:CategoryTests as per
this community discussion:

If Extension:CategoryTests can't be implemented for certain reasons, it can be replaced with the very similar Extension:CategoryFunctions. The purpose of the extension would be to see if a page belongs to a given category.

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This supported on WMF wikis. If you want it really badly, get the release manager to review it.

(In reply to comment #1)

This supported on WMF wikis. If you want it really badly, get the release
manager to review it.

Presumably you meant "This is not supported on WMF wikis" ? Anyways removing keyword shell and adding keyword needs-review since no shell intervention is needed until its been reviewed by someone.

Thehelpfulonewiki wrote:

Is this extension still wanted or has consensus changed - it's been a year now since this bug was touched?

Note, both those extensions can give unexpected results when testing if the current page is in a certain category. I made an extension [[mw:Extension:PageInCat]] to get around that issue (but it makes previews a little slower, and doesn't as of yet supported checking categories for other pages)

See for
information on what is needed to get an extension reviewed before potentially
deploying it on a wikisite.

Hello, this is a quasi-automated-but-not-really message:

I am reviewing all tracking bugs for extensions to review and deploy to WMF servers. See the list here:

The [[mw:Review queue]] page lists the steps necessary to complete the review. I have copied them below and done some initial filling out based on what I can easily gleen from this bug and any linked to sources that are obvious. If I miss something/state something false, please do correct me.

Also, if you haven't yet done so, please review the information on and linked to from:

TODO/Check list

Extension page on yes (Brian's), but needs to be updated
Bugzilla component: no?
Extension in Gerrit: yes (
Design Review: none I can see
Archeticecture/Performance Review: none I can see (other than Brians ;) )
Security Review: none
Screencast (if applicable): none
Community support: Swedish

Is there still strong interest in this from the svwiktionary community?

(I haven't looked at my version of the extension requested here in a while. It was originally made for a non-wmf wiki).

This feature is not of *strong* interest to the community, but we would appreciate and use it.

I also wanted to somehow indicate how we would use such an extension if it were available, since I have suspicions that it might be inefficient.

Links to other pages show up as either blue or red, depending on whether the page exists or not. A problem we have is that we don't know whether a link to [bus#Engelska] actually goes to the English section or not (maybe it's defined only in Swedish!).

We have very well-defined ways of categorizing entries, so a section Engelska will necessarily be categorized in [Category:Engelska/Alla uppslag] (or an inflection category).

Using this extension we could solve that by doing something like <span class="no-entry">[[bus#Engelska|bus]]</span> and color it red (or mark it some other way).

I'm guesstimating that it would be used 10-50 times on each non-inflection entry page.

Is this usage efficient enough?