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[SPIKE] - Investigate required steps to make AMC overflow menu visible to more users by default [8hr]
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In the mobile web interface, by default administrators cannot delete or protect a page via any links present on the page. All users cannot access the Move page button or other informational/utility links.

By turning on Advanced Mobile Contributions (AMC), users can access a drop-down ‘overflow’ menu which includes Delete and Protect buttons for administrators, among other links such as 'Move' and 'Wikidata Item' for all editors.

We want to explore making accessing these tools more seamless for editors and administrators.


  1. We could make this menu visible to administrators by default, without needing to turn on AMC, to provide access to admin tools. As very active editors, administrators are unlikely to be confused by the new menu. This may be more technically complex than simply making the menu visible to all editors.
  2. We could instead make it visible to all logged-in users (delete and protect would not be visible to non-admins) without AMC. This risks confusing newer editors with unexpected links, but may be net-positive and is likely to be technically simpler.


Before making a decision on this task we want to learn more about the overflow menu and the technical complexity of the options above.

  1. What steps would be required to make the overflow menu visible to administrators by default?
    • We would probably have to change how to set TOOLBAR_SUBMENU (here) to check if a user is an administrator. This doesn't seem to be very straightforward.
  2. What steps would be required to make the overflow menu visible to all users by default?
    • To make it visible to all users, you can use the wgMinervaOverflowInPageActions variable and set base to true as explained here. This is set in the skin.json file.
  3. Is one of these options substantially more complex, technically, to implement?
    • Probably option 2 is less complex, since it's only changing one key/value pair in the skin.json file of MinervaNeue.

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Samwalton9 triaged this task as Medium priority.Apr 14 2022, 2:50 PM

The menu is available to all users (logged in and logged out) on User and User Talk namespace pages, per T232653. It might be helpful to understand how this was accomplished.

Looks like the Overflow menu is being added here: The TOOLBAR_SUBMENU option is a skin option that is set in /includes/SkinOptions.php in the MinervaNeue repository.