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Evaluate and settle on end indicator size (12px/16px/20px)
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In OOUI we've integrated so-called indicator icons, sized 12px equivalent and reduced their usage and number over the course of about three years. Nowadays, there's still four indicators left: clear, up, down and required.
In the past we planned on T184022: Ensure indicators use same canvas as icons.

Respectively, the current icon set by default limits to 20x20 dp size, a limitation flagged by designers as not optimal in certain contexts, see T280666

With token definition the design ask was to increase the size of the TextInput type=search clear icon to 16x16 dp.


  • Evaluate and decide on design side how we should deal with end icons size and more wholesome, how to deal with different icon sizes – weighing freedom risk of inconsistency vs design limitations.
    • We currently have no 16px icons anywhere. We've got 12px and 20px icons. We'd introduce another size, and would have to live for a certain/long time with both side-by-side.
    • When we would go with 16px though, we've got an awkward looking, inharmonious big black dot grabbing visual focus
    • 12x12 is bad for low-vision users, already 16x16 would be an improvement.
Development considerations

Acceptance criteria (or Done)

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