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Proposal on Edit Request Wizard Project (Gsoc 2022).
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Profile Information

Name: Oguntoye Lawrence Oluwadamilare
IRC nick: msword
Location: Africa/Lagos
Typical working hours: 6a.m.(WAT - UTC/GMT +1 hour)


This project would enable a new user to make an edit request. Thus, the user would have to submit an edit request indicating the changes and then wait for feedback from a user having full edit access. Should the edit request bring valid points, the edit will be incorporated into the article page.

In the current implementation, the process for making an edit request would be made to more friendly for new users.

The objective of this project is to develop a step-by-step form with a clean, easy to use user interface that allows users of any background to submit a Wikipedia edit request whilst ensuring that the edit request complies with all Wikipedia policies.

Possible mentor(s)

@Aklapper, @srishakatux

Contacted mentors?


A wikipedia user script that shows a form for submitting a Wikipedia edit request that allows users to cite sources such as web pages, books (ISBN), journal or news article. The form will guide the user along the edit request process, and will raise error messages if the edit request is not satisfactory. The form must be suitable for use by beginners.
A backend for the user script to make requests for validation (e.g. URL validation).

Timeline of deliverables
Period Task

May 20 to June 12 Community bonding period. Contributors are introduced to the mentors, read project documentation, discuss deliverables and come up with subtasks to do for each deliverable.

June 13 to June 17 Mentors and contributors discuss the design of the form that allows users to input a source, and discuss how error messages are displayed for invalid edit requests.

June 20 to June 24 Contributors write the code for the form using frontend technology such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
June 27 to July 1 Recap with mentors on what is considered as a valid edit request. Use Backend technology like Node.js, Javascript and express framework to write code for performing validation.

July 4 to July 8 Perform testing on the Backend to check if the program works as expected and validation is performed with dummy edit requests.

July 11 to July 24 Backend and frontend integration. Test if the frontend can successfully make requests to the Backend and ensure appropriate error messages are shown should an invalid edit request is submitted.

July 25 to July 29 Phase 1 evaluation
August 1 to August 12 Bug fixes for the backend code and testing.

August 15 to August 26 UI improvements for the frontend and bug fixes.

August 29 to September 2 Integration of frontend and backend, testing of final product.

September 5 to September 9 Final evaluation

September 12 to September 19 Mentors submit contributors’ final evaluation

September 20 GSOC 2022 result

Communication is done primarily via Zulip.
The project’s source code will be stored in a newly created Github repository and changes will be frequently pushed to it. Should new features be implemented, newer branches will be opened, and then merged once the feature is tried and tested.

About Me

My qualifications are B.A. English and Literary Studies, PGDE (Education), a self-taught developer. I have taught myself software development skills and l am also working on online courses on basic full stack software development on IBM Jumpstart platform in the area of Web Programming with and JavaScript.

Commitments and availability

In terms of availability, I will be able to fully commit to the project from 3p.m. to 6a.m. on a daily basis a school teacher.

Past Experience
I am a professional English language and literature teacher. I am currently working on JavaScript,, Express framework, React, HTML, CSS, JQuery, Java, MySql and Bootstrap to sharpen my frontend and backend skills as a software developer.

Event Timeline

Hi, please edit T305583 instead which you had created before. Also note that I am not available as a mentor - thanks! :)