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Determine data structure for storing addresses
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Problem Statement:
We know that in future iterations of Campaign Registration, we would like to make addresses of events easy to input (as an organiser) and easy to consume (as a participant). While this enhancement isn't a part of v0 requirements, we would like to first determine the data structure of storing addresses, so we won't paint ourselves into a corner when we are ready to offer address-related enhancements. At minimum, we will need to be able to differentiate events by country, and ideally by geographical regions that are more granular.

Acceptance criteria:

  • Write a decision on how we want to structure and save addresses
  • Create another Phabricator task detailing how we can implement the said decision

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At least for the countries, we could consider using the ISO 3166 standard country codes. These will be compatible with most geolocation libraries out there.

Another thought: I wonder if we can leverage what we have in wikidata somehow 🤔

For V0 we will save have just the country and a free text for the event address.

For MVP we will probably create a new table to host the address information with geolocation, still investigating the geolocation options

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