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Outreachy-24 - Project Proposal : Edit Request Wizard
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Profile Information

Name: Pinalee Rathod
Zulip: PinRathod
Location: India
Timezone: IST (UTC + 5:30)
Working hours: Between 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM


  • The objective of Edit-Request-Wizard project is to create a step-by-step form to help beginners for submitting a Wikipedia Edit-Request. Edit requests are prominent part of Wikipedia. An edit request is request for users to change some text in an article. The edit request is a simple form with source input fields (URL, ISBN, article etc.) and validate it for editing request which required front-end development skills like HTML, CSS and JS to edit an article on Wikipedia. The aim is to lead users for submitting a Wikipedia edit request, with better guidance and without error messages, suitable for use by beginners. This project's purpose is to make edit request process more user friendly.


May 30 to June 18Internships starts - Community bonding period. Setting up the initial project and front-end. Interaction with the mentors for the layout design, discussing front-end technologies and get it approved.
June 19 to June 25Implementing the design form to the code and also making all the needed options of the form.
June 26 to July 3Feedback #1 due
July 4 to July 16Implementing the coding of back-end with the preferred language or as discussed with mentor. Implementing source validation process using JS. Try to make familiar with Wikipedia user script.
July 17 to 26 July Developing back-end server, checking source validation process.
27 July to 30 July Feedback #2 due
31 July to 13 AugTesting the edit request form with different type of valid and invalid input. Checking the source validation feature.
14 Aug to 21 AugAdding documentation part for whole project and code cleanup.
22 Aug to 26 AugFeedback #3 due - Submission of final work and final mentor evaluation.
26 AugInternships ends


  • I will communicate with project mentors for project discussions & help using zulip chats.
  • I will create a Github repository to store the project source code and push subsequent changes. Source code is to be reviewed by mentors every week.
  • I will use Phabricator for various task and bugs.
  • I will write weekly reports during internship period for checking my progress.
  • I will be in full coordination with project mentor during internship period and act in accordance with the instruction given by them.

About Me

  • I am recently graduated student of Computer Science Engineering from India. I passionate to work in Computer Science and Information Technology domain. I like to work with open source projects. I like to explore new things and contributing to open-source community. I constantly monitoring my skill sets to improve it and always ready to building or sharpen my skills for my future growth. I come to know about Outreachy internship through my seniors. I am applying for the organization Wikimedia for outreachy internship. I will be working on the project name - Edit Request Wizard Form. Outreachy internship in collaboration with wikimedia organization can boost my knowledge and confidence. I hope that it’s a golden chance to having the privilege of working as an intern with this organization and will increase my learning opportunities and give me the exposure that I need to advance my career. In terms of availability, I will be able to fully commit to the project from May to August with no any others commitments.

Past Experience

Project Microtasks :
I have completed four microtasks given under the project proposal, you can find the completed microtask's link below.

Microtask 1: Making an edit request
Microtask 2: Design a form that allows a user to input a source
Microtask 3: Implement a form for a quote
Microtask 5: Complete the user script tutorial

Past Projects :
Prior to Outreachy contributions, I have contributed to several projects such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery. Some of projects details given below:

  • PDF.js is a Portable Document Format (PDF) viewer that is built with HTML5. PDF.js is community-driven and supported by Mozilla. Project goal is to create a general-purpose, web standards-based platform for parsing and rendering PDFs.
  • Awesome-portfolio-websites is an open source project aimed at providing a free, full fledged template that anyone can use as a template to build and put out their website within an hour!.
  • Profext is a profile search engine for accessing all social media profile in one tap. This chrome extension lets you track your profiles on any account in a single click.

Any Other Info

My edit request form design using Figma is here. My quote request implementation form link is here and source code can be found here.

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