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Pass a page defined value into a form from formlink and autoedit parser functions
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Feature request
Similar to how users can pre-load form fields using the "query string" property.

For example:

{{#formlink: form=Foo | query string=Foo[Bar]=SomeValue }}

the following capability is requested

{{#formlink: form=Foo | userparam=SomeValue }}


Use cases

One might also wish to have the form rendered differently based on some situational logic. Based on the example above, one could imagine the Form:Org containing some logic like:

{{{field | Type | input type=text | restricted | mandatory }}}


{{{field | Members | input type=combobox | values from category=Type[Engineers] }}}


{{{field | Members | input type=combobox | values from category=userparam }}}

where Type was defined when the page was first created and is never changed.. but all subsequent form edits should be tailored based on the value of Type


Presently, PF requires form creators to autocomplete from one entity that must be selected for all use cases, in this example, our current approach is to use "values from category=User" which results in the user having to sift through 100 (potentially 1,000s) of users many of which are guaranteed to not be selected. The goal of this feature is to provide users with general purpose forms that can accommodate situational conditions (like autocomplete) for a set of data determined either in the form (via fields) or from the page "linking to" the form.

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Yaron_Koren subscribed.

I believe this is doable already, via the UrlGetParameters extension. I'm marking this as "Invalid", although feel free to re-open.

Ok. Thanks for reviewing this and pointing out the UrlGetParameters extension [1] as a way to accomplish this. I agree that that is a great solution to this use case. Hopefully this ticket will help someone else too.