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Proposal GSOC 2022: Improve current Edit Request Wizard
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Profile Information

Name: Guneet Singh Tuli
IRC nickname on IRC (optional): GuneetSingh02
Web Profile: Medium, LinkedIn
Resume (optional): Resume
Location (country or state): India
Typical working hours (include your timezone): 4 PM - 2 AM (IST) (GMT +5:30 hours)


This project will solve the problem of an Entry Barrier which makes it difficult for beginners to start editing and make their first edit request.

The aim of the project is to

  • To make it easier for beginners to start editing and make edit request
  • The form will help edit requests to comply with the Wikipedia policy
  • Make editing more accessible for people from all backgrounds.
  • Add a Source of the information which can be an image, pdf, or Link, and add validation to it.

We can majorly focus on creating a better User Interface, which also includes providing high-quality guidance and error messages while making their request which is also suitable for use by beginners.

Possible Mentor(s)

@Enterprisey, @Firefly, @SD0001


May 20 to June 12Community Bonding period: Discussion with mentors and communicating with other fellow mates.Will start with Designing UI for the Edit Request Form.
June 14-June 20Implementing the designs to an actual working application with basic validations.
June 21- June 30Code various ways for users to add the sources of the information which can be a file, image or a link, etc., and validation of the source
July 1 - July 10Implementing the feature which also includes providing high-quality guidance and error messages while making edit requests.
July 11- July 20Increasing the validation process of all the information and source, Discussing with mentors for more possible updates.
July 21- July 25Testing of the application on actual devices and fixing the errors or bugs.
July 26- July 29Phase-I evaluation
July 30- Aug 10Start with developing the backend API for the submission of edit requests.
Aug 10- Aug 15Adding Backend validation of the data as well URL validation and storing it in the Database.
Aug 15- Aug 20Connecting the APIs with the form and Working on displaying the server response message on the front end with handling error cases.
Aug 20- Aug 26Testing of the complete application in the staging process with various test cases.
Aug 26- Sept 4Bug fixes, writing documentation, and code cleanup for submission and deployment.
Sept 5 to Sept 12Submission of final work and reviewing by mentors for Phase-II valuation
Sept 13 to Sept 19Mentors submit final GSOC contributor evaluations.
Sept 20Results of Google Summer of Code 2022 announced.


  • A complete User-friendly interface with step by step form that is beginner-friendly.
  • Validation of all the information including the URL provided in the edit request in the frontend as well as backend
  • Providing high-quality guidance and error messages while making the edit request.
  • API’s for the submission of the request in the backend
  • Status about the acceptance or rejection of the edit request.


  • Will try to make the Mentor’s updated about my work by using the Github Projects wherein they will be able to see the current progress of the feature
  • Keeping the documentation updated in every PR and listing down all the test cases. I will make everything clear for everyone to understand
  • In case of help during the project will be active on Zulip / emails.
  • Will make use of Github for publishing code and Github actions for testing.

About Me

Currently, I am in my second year of the bachelor of technology in electronics and communication engineering but starting from my freshmen year I had a keen interest in development which helped me in learning new technologies and making interesting projects using them. I came to know about GSoC and MediaWiki in my freshmen year unfortunately the applications were closed at that time, but that didn’t stop me from learning new things.
I don’t have any specific time commitments as of now and I am pretty sure that I will be able to manage 35 - 40 hours of work per week. It’s my first time applying for GSOC, haven’t heard of Outreachy much before but will surely consider applying in Outreachy as well.

I think that many people including me will have one place in our mind common for finding the correct information that’s Wikipedia and I want this mindset to continue, as a software developer, it will be a great opportunity for me to learn and apply my knowledge to implement this feature that brings in new people by breaking the entry barrier into proving the correct information.

Past Experience

I have experience working with HTML, CSS, JavaScript. and ReactJS Framework, for the Frontend and NodeJS, Express for the Backend.

  • Here is the link to a few of my PRs in an open-source project of Linkfree which was an open-source alternative to Linktree.

  • SocketIO open source project (Documentation error)

  • I have also started an open-source project for new developers trying to find the free news APIs to create interesting projects

Any Other Info

I have participated in a hackathon where we created a bill splitting application wherein we created the application using the design we created, You can have a look at a few of the designs we created Figma

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Event Timeline

As the GSoC deadline is soon approaching in less than 24 hours (April 19, 2022, 18:00 UTC), please ensure that the information in your proposal on Phabricator is complete and you have already submitted it on the Google's program website in the recommended format. When you have done so, please move your proposal here on the Phabricator workboard from "Proposals in Progress" to the "Proposals Submitted' column by simply dragging it. Let us know if you have any questions.

Gopavasanth added a subscriber: Gopavasanth.

@GuneetSingh02 We are sorry to say that we could not allocate a slot for you this time. Please do not consider the rejection to be an assessment of your proposal. We received over 75 quality applications, and we could only accept 10 students. We were not able to give all applicants a slot that would have deserved one, and these were some very tough decisions to make. Please know that you are still a valued member of our community and we by no means want to exclude you. Many students who we did not accept in 2021 have become Wikimedia maintainers, contractors and even GSoC students and mentors this year!

Your ideas and contributions to our projects are still welcome! As a next step, you could consider finishing up any pending pull requests or inform us that someone has to take them over. Here is the recommended place for you to get started as a newcomer:

If you would still be eligible for GSoC next year, we look forward to your participation