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Update Special:TopicSubscriptions to use permalinks
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As someone who is wanting to reference or revisit a discussion I remember having subscribed to, I want to be able to find and copy the link to where the discussion currently exists, so that I can locate a discussion regardless of whether it's been moved to another page at any point.


  1. Visit: Special:TopicSubscriptions
  2. Locate the discussion you are wanting to reference within the table that appears. E.g. "Planning Deployment of Reply Tool as Opt-Out"
  3. Copy the link address of the discussion you are wanting to reference. //E.g.


  1. ❗️Notice the link you copied in "Step 3." no longer contains the discussion you were wanting to reference


  1. ✅ The link you copied in "Step 3." takes you to


  • "Desired" behavior is implemented