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Profile Information

Name: Prem Sagar Kushwaha
Web Profile : Portfolio
Resume :

Location : India
Typical working hours : 10:00 AM TO 5:00 PM IST(UTC+05:30)


  • I will create a webapp that will be attached with the wikimedia, using HTML, CSS , JS and i will prefer python as a backend. User first need to register in order to edit an article or citing an article. For citing we will use some python modules to make regular expression active on webapp so that it can validate the url or source the are entering.
  • Possible Mentor(s) : @Enterprisey
  • I have already connected with the mentors and submitted my task.


  • Design of the product in figma.
  • Prototype of webapp
  • Writing a generic file title generator module.
  • Frontend Designing In visual Studio
  • Implementation of backend in webapp.
  • communication in Github so that they can comment on my project.

Evaluation 1

  • Uploading code to review
  • Deployment to live server to test the app
  • getting review from tester
  • Review from mentors

Evaluation 2

  • Enhance the UI and Backend
  • Deployment
  • Reviewer Feedback

Final Evaluation


May 4 to May 29Designing of the rough idea of the app and hand sketching of the webapp. designing the wireframes.
May 30 to June 5Basic design of the app with Backend Implemented.
June 6 to June 18More designing of the Frontend and making it user-friendly.
June 19 to June 21Design an action plan based on the input received from this communication.
June 22 to June 26Testing Round 1: Make available code for testing and prepare documentation
June 26 to June 30Phase I evaluation
June 30 to July 5Working on suggested changes
July 6 to July 10Design a template for the metadata mappings and easy way to update/edit them.
July 11 to July 16Take input from all the Reviewrs the UI and work on the UI part extensively.
July 16 to July 20Receive feedback and do changes if necessary.
July 21 to July 27Testing Round 2: bug fixes and documentation.
July 28Phase II evaluation
July 29 to August 16Enhace the webapp
August 17 to August 21Testing Round 3: testing the robustness of the app with the new tester.
August 22 to August 28Freeze the code. Create a page in the Wikimedia Commons on our tool. . Announce the tool to the wikimedia community somewhere on Commons.
Thensubmisson of the project


  • I'll create a new git repository with two branches. Code will be posted to the dev branch on a regular basis, and once reviewed and tested, it will be merged with the master branch.
  • I will use Phabricator for managing bugs and subtasks.
  • Always availabel on g-mail to contribute in community

About Me

Tell us about a few:

  • Your education : pursuing Integrated MTech In Artificial Intelligence(CSE) from Vellore Institute of technology.
  • How did you hear about this program? : Looking for the opportunity to work with any organization and can contribute.
  • Next two may and june I will be available all the time, i.e. can work 10 hours after that in july month college will start and i will be availble to work after 8:00 PM.
  • I believe that contributing to wikimedia will have a good influence on the globe. At the same time, it will broaden my horizons by allowing me to collaborate with the outstanding members of the wikimedia community. Most importantly, I'll be creating something that will enrich the content and organisation of the world's largest free encyclopaedia, as well as other wikimedia sites.

Past Experience

  • I've worked with C++, Java, Python, HTML, CSS, and PHP, among other languages. Mysql was the database on which I spent the most time. I typically use Windows as an operating system.
  • I have changed the Article you can view here. Link

and you can read edited article here. name

  • I have done the project on DBMS, HTML, CSS, JS, PYTHON, ML you can see my project. Medserve


  • Microtask 1 I have complete Microtask . here is attachment.
  • Microtask 2 Figma Design: -Design Prototype : - Prototype
  • Microtask 3

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Event Timeline

@Premsagar91 Hi! It looks like you submitted the proposal right on the deadline. Did you follow all the application process steps while filling out the proposal And, have you also submitted it on Google's program website in the recommended format? If so, please move the proposal here on the Phabricator workboard to the "Proposals Submitted' column by simply dragging it from the "Backlog" column. Let us know if you have any questions.