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Several 'search' project instances not accessible via cloud-cumin
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Hello! Currently there are several instances in the 'search' Cloud VPS project that do not seem to be accessible with cloud-cumin. The following VMs seem to be affected:


Additionally root keys that should be provisioned by Puppet do not seem to be working:

taavi@runko:~ $ ssh Permission denied (publickey).

At the moment, it is a requirement of Cloud VPS usage that VM authentication config is Puppetized and VMs are accessible with Cumin. (A more detailed rationale can be seen for example in T287269). Please fix those currently broken VMs. Thank you!

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Hello @Majavah , thanks for opening this ticket. I'm still troubleshooting this issue, but at the moment puppet runs fail with a not-helpful error, breaking LDAP in the process.

The instances mentioned above have been deleted. Closing ticket...