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Infoleak on due to CVE-2021-44858 and Lockdown
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Some pages on this wiki are protected from being read with Lockdown. E.g. shows a permission error however you can access the information at The temporary workaround here: should be used until the wiki is upgraded (T268515).

Even if T273607 suggests that secrets/password are/were stored on the wiki, this is not considered an high problem anymore, since those legacy pages has been deleted since months.

Note that the risk is not high since this is not a corporate wiki with sensitive private information. The non-public information are non-public just for convenience, to keep internal discussions, stubs, and unnecessary-public-information away from being indexed and found by the general public (or something like that). Plus, members already can copy and share information with the public (the license encourages this - this probably doesn't happen because there's nothing interesting about it).

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The interesting part is that the wiki already has the suggested mitigation:

$wgActions['mcrundo'] = false;
$wgActions['mcrrestore'] = false;
$wgActions['rollback'] = false;
$wgWhitelistRead = [];
$wgWhitelistReadRegexp = [];

@Nemo_bis what do you think about?

valerio.bozzolan updated the task description. (Show Details)

The interesting part is that the wiki already has the suggested mitigation:

$wgActions['mcrundo'] = false;
$wgActions['mcrrestore'] = false;
$wgActions['rollback'] = false;
$wgWhitelistRead = [];
$wgWhitelistReadRegexp = [];

The mitigation addresses the infoleak via undoafter by setting wgWhitelistRead to nothing, which prevents you from accessing any actions in the first place. But this doesn't work in the case of a partially private wiki. Probably the only way to fix would be to patch MediaWiki itself. If the private information isn't that sensitive, then it may be easier to just wait until the wiki is upgraded?

I think we have done our homeworks during T268515: Upgrade from 1.26.4 to latest LTS and T310681: Drop the Lockdown extension from and this broken access control seems fixed from my perspective.

If you confirm as well, I would like to thank you, and mark this as resolved and remove the security policy to make this public.


Thank you @Dylsss for your nice security report!

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@valerio.bozzolan In the sense of making this public? Edit Task > Visible To / Editable By (but not sure if you have rights)

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