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Affiliate Metrics Transformation
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SQL / Python code to transform input data in to Output Rank Metrics

Input MetricsOutput Rank Metrics
Active affiliates (Count) (all affiliates operating in the coutnry), Affiliate Size (Max) (only affiliates primarily located in the country), Affiliate recognition tenure (Sum)Affiliate Presence
Count of growth points (sum count of affiliates demonstrating new recognition or development in governance or size for those primarily located in the country), % of annual grants going to affiliates, % of historical grants going to affiliatesAffiliate Growth
Historical Grants to Affiliates 2010 to current USD ($), Affiliates Active in Country, Affiliate Size (Largest), Affiliate Tenure, Highest Governance TypeAffiliate Leadership

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  • 3-letter to 2-letter country codes
  • not having all countries causes issues with percent rank