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Grants Metrics Transformation
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SQL / Python code to transform input data in to Output Rank Metrics

Input MetricsOutput Rank Metrics
Historical Grants 2010 to current USD ($), Total Grants Calendar Year 2021 USD ($), Historical Grants 2010-2021 Count, Annual Grants presence weighted by PPP (Current international $) (Percentile), Historical Grants presence weighted by PPP (2017 constant international $) (Percentile), Historical Grants 2010-2021 Count (Percentile)Grants Presence
Five Year Grants ChangeGrants Growth
Annual Grants (PPP Weighted )* (5-year growth/5), Historical Grants (PPP weighted ) * (5-year growth/5), Historical Grants 2010-2021 Count (Percentile), Annual Grants 2021 Count (Percentile)Grants Leadership

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  • 3-letter to 2-letter country codes
  • not having all countries causes issues with percent rank