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Consultancy hours with Bitergia (07/2022)
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Use our consultancy hours in this quarter if there is engineering interest in learning about, e.g. creating custom visualizations.

Also check potential "Can I do this already?" questions in

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Aklapper created this task.

Would be very much interested in joining these consultancy hours, how would I sign up?

Thanks for the interest! We need to sort out how to collect topics and questions, and who's interested (also in QTE and RelEng)...

There's actually a group of people interested for Inspiration Week next week, would it be too late to organise a workshop for then?

Hi. Pablo from Bitergia support team.

We usually need more time to schedule the training sessions, but next Monday morning we will evaluate if it is possible to organize that workshop the following week.

One of the most important things that we need to know is if you need standard training or a specific workshop. The sessions of our standard training are:

  1. USE the graphical user interface to search for info/insights, drill down.
  2. CREATE visualizations and panels from the graphical user interface
  3. Either extend session 2 or use the web COMMAND-LINE console QUERYING interfaces.

Which is the purpose of the workshop that you need? Any of those training sessions? or a more specific session on another topic

A standard session would be completely fine and useful for us. I would say special interest we have for the discover and visualise functionalities as well as the query interface.

Hi @KSiebert , I have created the following ticket

Sorry for the delay.

Could you ask your buddies and reply with the best slot for you?

I will ask around now in our Inspiration Week channel in Slack.
@Aklapper where else you like me to post about this basic introduction?

I don't have any specific places in mind. :) I've also invited two of my coworkers though but it might be a bit short-term for them.
Everyone please feel very welcome to improve the documentation at if you find out stuff that is missing :)

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