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sre.dns.netbox cookbook dosn't support period terminated domains
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When adding names to prefixes such as on if a user enters a fully qualified *and terminated* domain i.e. the domain ends with a period, into the hostname field then sre.dns.netbox generates reverse zones with a double period.

See the following diff after removing a period from some offending names

diff --git a/ b/                                          
index 848c67c..c50f1c1 100644                                                                                       
--- a/                                                                                 
+++ b/                                                                                 
@@ -10,10 +10,10 @@                                                                                                 
 44  1H IN PTR                                                                 
 45  1H IN PTR                                                                                
 46  1H IN PTR                                                                       
-47  1H IN PTR                                                
+47  1H IN PTR                                                 
 48  1H IN PTR                                                                         
 49  1H IN PTR                                                                               
-50  1H IN PTR                                                
+50  1H IN PTR                                                 
 51  1H IN PTR                                                                           
 54  1H IN PTR                                                                              
 55  1H IN PTR vl2002-enp59s0f1d1.lvs2007.codfw.wmnet.                                                              
diff --git a/org.-codfw b/org.-codfw                                                                                
index 1f1a321..e8914e7 100644                                                                                       
--- a/org.-codfw                                                                                                    
+++ b/org.-codfw                                                                                                    
@@ -1,4 +1,2 @@                                                                                                     
-ns-recursor0.openstack.codfw1dev.wikimediacloud 1H IN A                                              
-ns-recursor0.openstack.codfw1dev.wikimediacloud 1H IN A                                              
 ns-recursor0.openstack.codfw1dev.wikimediacloud 1H IN AAAA 2620:0:860:3:208:80:153:47                              
 ns-recursor1.openstack.codfw1dev.wikimediacloud 1H IN AAAA 2620:0:860:3:208:80:153:50                              
diff --git a/ b/                                                    
index 710ae1f..67a0372 100644                                                                                       
--- a/                                                                                      
+++ b/                                                                                      
@@ -3,3 +3,5 @@ wan.cloudgw.codfw1dev                    1H IN A                                     
 cloudgw2001-dev.codfw1dev                1H IN A                                                    
 cloudgw2002-dev.codfw1dev                1H IN A                                                    
 cloudinstances2b-gw.openstack.codfw1dev  1H IN A                                                      
+ns-recursor0.openstack.codfw1dev         1H IN A                                                     
+ns-recursor0.openstack.codfw1dev         1H IN A    

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jbond triaged this task as Medium priority.Apr 25 2022, 3:30 PM
jbond created this task.
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The DNS Name field in Netbox is an FQDN, the same Netbox UI help message for the field is: Hostname or FQDN (not case-sensitive)
For this reason I think that this task should be closed as invalid, and instead we should move towards having consistent data in Netbox.
The DNS Name field is used in multiple places in different automation, from Homer to various Netbox scripts and is always considered to be an FQDN.

Im not sure i understand this response. The value entered which caused an error was instead of both are valid FQDN and strictly speaking the one with the terminating period is the more correct form.

Sure, but they could cause various unwanted issues in different contexes, like not matching the fingerprint in the known hosts file for SSH connections:

cumin1001 $ SSH_AUTH_SOCK=/run/keyholder/proxy.sock ssh root@sretest1001.eqiad.wmnet.
The authenticity of host 'sretest1001.eqiad.wmnet. (2620:0:861:107:10:64:48:138)' can't be established.

That's why I would rather prefer to keep the data consistent in Netbox without the ending period, so that the behaviour is consistent everywhere. For the DNS -specific bits the period is automatically added always.

jbond changed the task status from Open to Stalled.Apr 26 2022, 9:58 AM

As per an offline conversation with @Volans. newer versions of netbox allow us to preform custom data validations as such i'm going to set this ticket to stalled until we upgrade netbox to at least version 3.0

ayounsi changed the task status from Stalled to Open.Jun 24 2022, 7:45 AM