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Table of contents on mobile devices (not the same as narrow screens)
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Vector is not a responsive skin (does not set the viewport tag), so when viewed on mobile devices, the browser will adapt the content. It will not operate like a narrow screen and our breakpoints will not apply.

Whatever the page loads like will be the minimum zoom level and it won't be possible to zoom out.

What happens?:

Previously before the introduction of table of contents:

Screenshot_20220426-072235_Chrome.jpg (2×1 px, 531 KB)

Screenshot_20220426-072156_Chrome.jpg (2×1 px, 501 KB)

Note the line length for the article content is now shorter and crammed to the right.

To fix this we would either need to make the table of contents collapsible, or make the skin responsive.

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ovasileva lowered the priority of this task from High to Medium.Tue, Apr 26, 5:31 PM

Change 790448 had a related patch set uploaded (by Jdlrobson; author: Jdlrobson):

[mediawiki/core@master] POC: Non-responsive skins should zoom out by default

Test wiki created on Patch demo by Jdlrobson using patch(es) linked to this task:

The above change is really subtle, but you'll notice the zoom level is increased (logo and hamburger are smaller).


Screenshot_20220509-152459_Chrome.jpg (2×1 px, 619 KB)


Screenshot_20220509-151012_Chrome.jpg (2×1 px, 651 KB)

I've written in more detail here: