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Uploads stop after the first chunk
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Many uploads stop after the first chunk (using ). This happens on Chrome if switching to a new tab before uploading the second chunk started. These are PDF files from 100 to 200 MB. May be related to T304370?

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What is the complete output and exact error message?

While trying to reproduce this on, I get

[YmhPvdBugS@TJrOU8JffxAAAABI] /w/index.php?title=File:%E0%A4%B8%E0%A4%AE%E0%A5%8D%E0%A4%AA%E0%A5%82%E0%A4%B0%E0%A5%8D%E0%A4%A3_%E0%A4%97%E0%A4%BE%E0%A4%81%E0%A4%A7%E0%A5%80_%E0%A4%B5%E0%A4%BE%E0%A4%82%E0%A4%97%E0%A5%8D%E0%A4%AE%E0%A4%AF_Sampurna_Gandhi,_vol._1.pdf&action=edit TypeError: Argument 1 passed to MediaWiki\Auth\Throttler::__construct() must be of the type array or null, integer given, called in /srv/mediawiki/php-master/includes/ServiceWiring.php on line 1841


from /srv/mediawiki/php-master/includes/auth/Throttler.php(64)
#0 /srv/mediawiki/php-master/includes/ServiceWiring.php(1841): MediaWiki\Auth\Throttler->construct(integer, array)
#1 /srv/mediawiki/php-master/vendor/wikimedia/services/src/ServiceContainer.php(447): Wikimedia\Services\ServiceContainer::{closure}(MediaWiki\MediaWikiServices)
#2 /srv/mediawiki/php-master/vendor/wikimedia/services/src/ServiceContainer.php(416): Wikimedia\Services\ServiceContainer->createService(string)
#3 /srv/mediawiki/php-master/includes/MediaWikiServices.php(301): Wikimedia\Services\ServiceContainer->getService(string)
#4 /srv/mediawiki/php-master/includes/MediaWikiServices.php(1742): MediaWiki\MediaWikiServices->getService(string)
#5 /srv/mediawiki/php-master/includes/EditPage.php(503): MediaWiki\MediaWikiServices->getTempUserCreator()
#6 /srv/mediawiki/php-master/includes/actions/EditAction.php(69): EditPage->
#7 /srv/mediawiki/php-master/includes/MediaWiki.php(546): EditAction->show()
#8 /srv/mediawiki/php-master/includes/MediaWiki.php(322): MediaWiki->performAction(ImagePage, Title)
#9 /srv/mediawiki/php-master/includes/MediaWiki.php(912): MediaWiki->performRequest()
#10 /srv/mediawiki/php-master/includes/MediaWiki.php(566): MediaWiki->main()
#11 /srv/mediawiki/php-master/index.php(50): MediaWiki->run()
#12 /srv/mediawiki/php-master/index.php(46): wfIndexMain()
#13 /srv/mediawiki/w/index.php(3): require(string)
#14 {main}

and then

Our servers are currently under maintenance or experiencing a technical problem. Please try again in a few minutes.

See the error message at the bottom of this page for more information.

If you report this error to the Wikimedia System Administrators, please include the details below.

Request from - via deployment-cache-text06.deployment-prep.eqiad.wmflabs, ATS/8.0.8
Error: 502, Next Hop Connection Failed at 2022-04-26 20:04:11 GMT

and then

This action has been automatically identified as harmful, and you have been prevented from executing it. In addition, to protect Wikimedia Commons, your user account and all associated IP addresses have been blocked from editing. If this has occurred in error, please contact an administrator. A brief description of the abuse rule which your action matched is: Link spamming


What is the complete output and exact error message?

There is no error message. I am trying to test this on Firefox, but I have a problem with 2FA, so I can't log with my account on another browser.
It works with another account on FF.