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Design a rubric for ranking GSoC proposals and document them in the relevant guides on
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The process for requesting GSoC contributor slots has changed a bit. More details:

One of the admin guides says:

"Example: Your org received 6 excellent proposals and mentors have committed to mentoring all 6. You will need to decide the priority of the projects. If your org asks for 6 project slots and Google only gives your org 4 slots, then #1-#4 will automatically become your accepted GSoC contributors. You can not decide later that you would rather have the person that was #6 in your ranking."

The new process expects organizations to develop their own process for deciding priorities of projects/ranking proposals outside the GSoC app and indicating slot requests later in the app accordingly. Google has advised that we only rank the projects we really want, and in case of a conflict with another organization, they will reach out before finalizing slots.

This task is about designing a rubric for ranking GSoC proposals and documenting it on "GSoC/Administrators" and "GSoC/Mentors" guides on

Event Timeline

With fellow admins @AKhatun_WMF and @Gopavasanth, we have agreed on the following score points for the rubric:

Application quality

Mentoring capacity and experience

  • Number of full time mentors for the project
  • Does the project have a mentor with past mentoring experience and a newcomer mentor? (Yes=1, No=0)
  • Does the project have a mentor who is a former GSoC intern with Wikimedia? (Yes=1, No=0)

Impact & relevance

  • How important it is for you to mentor this project via GSoC (both on a personal and community level? (On a scale of 5: Very important=5, Least important=1)
  • What is the anticipated level of impact the project will help achieve? (On a scale of 5: High Impact = 5, Low Impact = 1)

Diversity and community involvement

  • Does the project have an applicant from a country Wikimedia has not previously selected an intern? (Yes=1, No=0)
  • Does the applicant identify as a woman, transgender, or non-binary individual? (Yes=1, No=0)
  • Has the applicant been involved in a Wikimedia project in the global or their local community? (Yes=1, No=0)